Hello, curious and not indifferent guest. You are in the world of free and boundless art. Here you can get acquainted with the history of my creative formation by watching graphic and oil works been created in recent 13 years. Here you can take part in captivating master-classes, repeatedly visit those exhibitions that have sunk deep into your soul, travel all over Ukrainian museums, continually study, wonder and discover something new, learn about future projects and know about results of those projects that have already finished. Or simply examine collection of pictures, learn their history, be inspired by what you’ve seen or sharply criticize paintings and not to agree with me. The main thing is that the website you’re using right now is a unique environment of inspiration and creative energy that I’ll happily share with you and anybody who wishes to join perception of the World through Creativity.


The Library of Lviv hosted the third cycle of the developmental studies in the context of “School of Impressions” found by artist Sergey Ponochenyuk together with “Mystetsky Prostir” and “Suchasny Poglyad” communities


The second cycle of the developmental studies in the context of “School of Impressions” took place in Vygodsky Training and Rehabilitation Centre on 3-8 of April 2016. Duringthestudies, the students examined contemporary pieces of art by touch, competed in collection of three-dimension wooden puzzles, discovered an interesting fairy-tale and tried to become true artists led by their tutor.

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