He was born on December, 1, 1978, in a small village of Nikolaev region. All his youth was devoted to music. Like all people, who were born in winter, Sergey was dinstinguished by persistance, sincerity and decisiveness that don't leave him today.

The painter was approaching the most important life solution - painting - for long and with difficulty. But neither two higher educations - one of which was military and the other one was legal - nor work could quench his natural thirst of beauty. Long searches, tries and expectations have only hardened him and helped to form the author's style uniqueness, and impressionism inspiration left its mark on the author's creative fate.

The world's perception in all its infinity of colors, shades, scenarios and melodies hadn't left the painter from the very childhood. And an aspiration to share diversity of colors and impressions that overcrowded him from his earliest years overcame all doubts and hesitations. But the most dangerous moment was waiting for the painter. To mature and embody ideas is as natural as to breath or smile to the Sun. But to reveal one's soul and let everybody touch it is a step that can be done only by individuals.

Sergey Ponochenyuk has made this step. And today he's pleased to represent the pictures, each of which takes its unique place in an unbounded space - the world of painter.

+38 (067) 249-45-78